Location: Regensburg/Niemcy
Capacity: 161 kWp
PV module: Sun Owe 230 Wp
Inverter: Power-One Trio 20.0 TL
System: ZinCo

Location: Gossau/Szwajcaria
Capacity: 142 kWp
PV module: ET Solar mono 240 Wp/Inwentux X3- 125
Inverter: Danfoss 15kW TLX
System: K2

Looking for an experienced and raliable assembly team?

Uni-Bau Renewable Energy
Bunkrowa 17A
66-008 Świdnica

0048 68 444 37 82
0048 727 605 060

The sun delivers enough solar energy
to earth in 15 minutes to supply
the whole world with energy
for a year.


Uni-Bau specializes in assembly works as far as the installation of photovoltaic and solar systems are concerned. Those systems cumulate and convert solar energy into electricity.

We successfully act on the photovoltaic market. In the last few years we have completed investments in Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and many other European countries. Currently we are looking forward to expanding our business in Central Europe. Our customers are mostly companies, institutions as well as private clients. We are experienced in the installation of both roof- and ground-mounted systems, and rotational Tracking systems.


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We provide the highest quality of our service.

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Over hundred clients and completed projects.

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Our priority is our customers’ satisfaction.

„I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”
~Thomas Edison

New Houses with Solar Panels in a Modern Street
Pannelli solari su capannone industriale 2012
solar power plant with grazing sheep
solar power plant with grazing sheep